Community Risk Reduction

We offer several services to help community members reduce their risk of fire or other hazards.


Our Firewise program trains residents on how to make their property better able to survive wildfire. For more information, please our Firewise coordinator, Kathleen Salinas (ksalinas at sjiffa dot org) or contact us.

Public Education

Throughout the year, we run several public education events for children and adults. Please see our Upcoming Events page.

Fire Extinguisher Training

We offer fire extinguisher training events. To organize an event, please contact us.

Emergency Management

Please see the San Juan County Department of Emergency Management.

In addition, we organize a team of volunteers (MERT) who can assist with communications during a major disaster. If interested in our MERT program, please contact our MERT coordinator, Yasmin von Dassow (yvondassow at sjiffa dot org) or contact us.