Become a Firefighter

There are a number of ways you may serve your community through San Juan Island Fire.

Firefighters participate at number of levels of expertise.

The majority of department members are trained in both wildland and structural firefighting. Participation represents a significant commitment to the department and the community.

Structural firefighters respond to structure fires, vehicle accidents, and hazardous material incidents, among others.

Upon successful completion of wildland fire training, firefighters are certified at the nationally recognized Wildland Firefighter 2 level. This is the same certification and training held by people responding to large project fires across the west. The wooded and rural nature of our island means that there is the possibility of a significant wildland fire. You’re being trained to respond to these emergencies makes you an important part of our community’s fire defense.

Other opportunities exist to serve your community in public education and fire prevention programs and in providing logistical support to the department.