Our Ethos

  • I will always do the right thing for my community, my department, and my team 
  • I will always respect and appreciate those inside and outside the department 
  • I will maintain mindfulness of the warrior’s virtues: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty and Sincerity, Duty, and Loyalty 
  • I plan with logic and deliver service with passion
  • I am willing to Lead; I am willing to Follow; I won’t Quit 
  • I take responsibility for my actions on and off the fire ground 

SJIF&R is wholly committed to the protection and care of our neighbors, visitors, and each other. We perform with integrity, honesty, and compassion inside and outside the department, staying above the fray.  

One of the key principles for us is compassion. It is critical to show empathy for our community, our visitors, and fellow responders. We may not be experiencing the same thing as another, we definitely can take a moment to understand what they are going through. Remember to “seek first to understand; then be understood” (Covey, 1989).