Remember: In ANY emergency please call 911.

San Juan County Fire District #3 (San Juan Island Fire and Rescue) is the legally authorized special district by RCW 52.14.140 that is responsible for emergency service response.

San Juan Island Fire and Rescue is responsible for providing emergency response to all of San Juan Island; as well as Brown Island; Henry Island; Johns Island; Pearl Island, Spieden Island and Stuart Island.

As a comprehensive emergency services provider, San Juan Island Fire and Rescue is responsible for emergency medical response, fire, rescue and marine response. In partnership with San Juan County’s public safety agencies, San Juan Island Fire and Rescue works to ensure the health and safety of our islands’ residents and visitors.

Our agency is led by an experienced team of full and part-time firefighter/ EMTs; and the core of our responders are a professional, dedicated and well-trained team of compassionate island residents.